Everyone is quitting at Los Pinos

At the official residence, Los Pinos , we're told that they're going through a resignation cascade phenomenon. We're told that all trusted employees from all levels have decided to quit because although there is a civilized transition process between Presidents Enrique Peña Nieto and Andrés Manuel López Obrador, they fear any unexpected event might end the smoothness. They claim that the separations have become effective, and they're hoping that they won't face any issues to receive their settlement and other benefits.

No defense of the NAIM in Texcoco

In the face of the intense debate that will be sparked off by the popular referendum summoned by the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador , in regards to Mexico City's New Airpor t, we're told that President Enrique Peña Nieto 's team has been ordered not to confront anyone, not to defend Texcoco' s project, and not to quote any study. Los Pinos ' team says that the reasons are quite simple: they have already defended the project, the most important studies warn that it's better, the construction is on the works, and it has a progress of 31%, so it's considered that a confrontation “is not wise or convenient for anyone.”

Looking for shelter under the PRD's payroll?

Besides the financial reasons, we're told that some PRD members suspect that there is something behind the recent firings of members of the PRD's union . We're told that they are taking advantage of the cuts to open jobs to politic and structure personnel, who are looking for shelter under the party's payroll after the July 1st debacle. The victims of the Moren tsunami, who are now looking for shelter in the party are people close to some groups who have seats in Congress and also have good economic profits, who had to leave their jobs and are now taking shelter in the party's loving arms.

David López is retiring

By the end of 2018, the former presidential spokesperson, David López Gutiérrez , will end his career as a representative. We're told that López will leave the career he carried out in the three government levels: municipal, statewide, and at Los Pinos, during President Peña Nieto 's first three years. Mr. David will finish his work next to his son, David López Cárdenas , the current Metepec mayor, who will leave his position in December . We're told the Sinaloa native is satisfied with his performance during several decades.


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