Sharing Mexican gastronomy with the world

She has cooked at the White House for the Obamas and for Sesame Street

Pati Jinich shares the wonders of Mexican gastronomy with the world
Pati Jinich was born in Mexico City and then moved to Texas - Photo: Courtesy of Pati Jinich
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Pati loves Mexican cuisine and since 2011, she has promoted Mexican culture and gastronomy through her show: Pati's Mexican Table.

Pati Jinich was born in Mexico City and then moved to Texas but never forgot the flavors of her childhood. Years later, she became passionate about cooking, especially to share delicious food with her children and ever since, she has has been doing what she loves the most: cooking for her family.

“What I had to face first as a Mexican when I moved to the United States 20 years ago was the myths and preconceptions about who we Mexicans are: that we all have the same skin tone or a certain accent, about our gastronomy and our culture,” Pati told EL UNIVERSAL.

As a Mexican chef, she had to deal with those who wanted her to project a more “Latin” image or stereotype her in an “ethnic” cuisine, while others insisted that she should take English lessons to modify her accent to sound more “American.”

Her love affair with food began when she started sharing her recipes by teaching small classes. People liked her classes a lot and suddenly, she found herself launching her own TV show in the U.S. through the PBS.

Viewers have been enjoying Pati's Mexican Table for 7 seasons and she was recently nominated for an Emmy for Best TV Host of a Culinary Show. She constantly travels through Mexico, chooses a city and researches chefs from local restaurants and food stalls and visits touristic areas and local producers.

During the second part of the show, Pati cooks a dish, inspired by something she tried during her trip.

Pati says that her responsibility is to break with paradigms by rescuing historical and traditional recipes and ending with stereotypes and also claims to be happy about having 31 million viewers in the U.S. but her show is also watched in Australia, Canada, Japan, India, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Mexico, and other countries in Latin America and Asia.

Among Pati's favorite ingredients are chiles poblanos and beans. She also explains that she tries to preserve the country's culinary richness but also experiments with food without altering its essence.

She has cooked at the White House for the Obamas and for Sesame Street.

She was awarded the James Beard award, the most coveted award in the culinary industry in the U.S.

In July, she will attend an event called “Celebrating Latinas,” that looks to empower Latin women. Pati Jinich, along with Yalitza Aparicio, will share their experiences, challenges, and perspective with Latin women in the U.S.


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