The other beating of Santiago Nieto

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The other beating of Santiago Nieto

From way before could we see Santiago Nieto was anxious to leave his post as head of the Specialized Attorney's Office against Electoral Crimes (FEPADE). We're told that before Alberto Elías Beltrán, acting leader of the Mexican Office of the Attorney General (PRG) dismissed Nieto from his post, Mr, Santiago had already participated, in 2016, in the magistrate election process for Electoral Court of the Judicial Branch; it seems his intention was to leap like frog from Prosecutor to Magistrate. In the end, Mr. Santiago was derailed by none others than the ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico, who gave their approval to all the candidates they considered met the requirements for being part of the electoral court. We're told with this movement we can be certain he was trying to win a better position rather than dedicate himself 100% to manage the Office against Electoral Crimes, currently without a head.

Lack of experience at the Senate

Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) senator Graciela Ortiz presided this Monday over the ordinary meeting of the Higher Chamber and it will surely be an unforgettable meeting for her. When discussing communications, the legislator for the state of Chihuahua made a mistake when she gave the word to independent senator Alejandro Encinas, who had enough political leverage to sustain a three-hour debate before the Chamber informed of their decision not to appeal the destitution of Santiago Nieto as the head of the Specialized Attorney's Office against Electoral Crimes (FEPADE). We're told the lack of experience of the PRI member was more than evident, because no one obeyed her orders of not discussing the file of the former Prosecutor. The situation, we're told, caused political ire in some members of her own party and raised the eyebrows of the PRI's coordinator, Emilio Gamboa.

A Jaguar with no seat

By the way, today there are big news at the Camber of Senators. We're told Armando Ríos Piter will present this Tuesday before the Board of Directors of the Senate his resignation to vacate his seat as a legislator, effective on November 1. Our sources say that renouncing to this coveted seat is not a requirement of the electoral legislation for independent candidates for the Presidency. The Jaguar will devote his full time to gather over 866,000 signatures he needs from ordinary citizens in order to meet the official requirement and be eligible for the contest in 2018. The so-far independent Senator of Guerrero will appear at the stand to inform of his decision to his fellow legislators.

Lorenzo Córdova, no referendum

Almost with relief given the workload and the amount of resources it would imply, the National Electoral Institute (INE) headed by councilor Lorenzo Córdova finally announced there are no possibilities of having, during the 2018 elections, an additional ballot at the federal voting booths for a referendum. We're remembered the term for the promoters of a referendum to present their request before the Congress expired on September 15. However, we're told that a couple of weeks afterward, several notifications of intention were filed in the archives which didn't go further than that – they were never made official. The electoral councilors were sweating cold with is issue, that in the end, amounted to nothing.


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