15 | OCT | 2019
The opposition vs. the CNTE
For decades, the teachers union controlled the job positions - Photo: Raúl Tinoco/EL UNIVERSAL

The opposition vs. the CNTE

Mexico City
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The opposition vs. the CNTE

It will be difficult for the Morena-PT-PES alliance to gain support from the opposition to pass the secondary laws of the education reform in the lower chamber, since these laws aim to please the CNTE so that they, once again, control the job positions and tenures in schools. We've been told that the PAN, PRI, MC, and PRD have formed an alliance to stop the bill. The new laws would include a new rule, which dictates that anyone who graduates from the Teacher Training Schools will automatically obtain a teaching position in a public school. We've been told that although the opposition doesn't have enough votes to stop the bill, the lawmakers will warn society that these new laws are a step back and the return to the times when teachers inherited jobs and other archaic traditions.

Victims are still waiting

The Executive Commission for Victim Attention (CEAV) is drowning in work but not because it is working to help people, but because it is scanning the files of the 28,000 people who were signed into the National Victim Registry. We've been told that this process seems to be never-ending and has required the participation of workers who are key for the support of people affected by crimes. This situation is serious because some of the legal advisers barely have time to go over their 105 files, on average, and now they have to scan the documents. Now, the experts have less time to solve the cases while the victims are still waiting for justice.

The missing cardinal

We've been told that this winter will be lethargic for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico, led by cardinal Carlos Aguilar Retes, who has been constantly criticized for two years since he was appointed as the archbishop of Mexico. Aguilar Retes has been accused of being absent during several important events. Moreover, there was a change in the archbishop's communication team and he was incommunicado for days.

Chile participates in the parade

Every year, for the September 16 parade, the Mexican government invites foreign armies to participate in the event. This year, the Chilean army will participate in the parade. The “carabineros” have been a role model in the formation of the National Guard in Mexico, so tomorrow you'll see part of the inspiration behind Mexico's new armed corps.


Who controls education in Mexico?

The CNTE has created its own textbooks about Marx, communism and the Cuban and Nicaraguan revolutions
Who controls education in Mexico?Who controls education in Mexico?



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