Novel Coronavirus: 10 Mexicans evacuate Wuhan with the help of the French and Mexican governments
The French government agreed to help evacuate 10 Mexican citizens from the Chinese city - Photo: Huego García/EL UNIVERSAL

Novel Coronavirus: 10 Mexicans evacuate Wuhan with the help of the French and Mexican governments

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Until now, no 2019-nCoV cases have been confirmed in Mexico

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The French government, led by Emmanuel Macron, has helped the Mexican government to evacuate 10 Mexican citizens who lived in Wuhan, the epicenter of novel coronavirus outbreak.

According to Mexico’s ambassador to France and media reports, the airplane has already safely landed in the South of France.

Besides the 10 Mexican citizens, citizens from other 30 countries also boarded the plane provided by the French government,

Now that the Mexican citizens have arrived in France, Mexican authorities will be in charge of monitoring them in case they are infected with coronavirus.

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The Mexican citizens in Wuhan had requested help from the Mexican government to evacuate the Chinese city, and all of them fulfilled the necessary sanitary guidelines.

The Mexican government, through minister Marcelo Ebrard, has thanked the French and Chinese governments for their solidarity and help to evacuate the Mexicans from the epicenter of the 2019-nCoV outbreak.

Before the flight departed from Wuhan to France, Mexico’s Foreign Ministry announced that medical tests were applied to all passengers to make sure no one has infected with 2019-nCoV. Once they arrived in France, they would follow the sanitary protocols established by the European country and the Mexican government will continue to assist them so they can return to Mexico.

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Meanwhile, the Health Ministry has said there are no confirmed novel coronavirus cases in Mexico. However, after the government was alerted about a U.S. citizen who has the virus and visited Mexico, the Mexican government is carrying out an epidemiological investigation to identify those with whom he was in contact with and who might have contracted 2019-nCoV. It was revealed that nor the hotel workers, nor the employee of a transport company have shown symptoms.


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