New U.S. embassy to be built in Mexico City

Upon completion, the new embassy will be among the largest diplomatic headquarters the U.S. has around the world
Photo: Taken from Miguel Ángel Mancera Twitter account
Misael Zavala
Mexico City
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On Tuesday, authorities of Mexico and the United States placed the first stone of the new U.S. embassy in Mexico City, as a symbolic gesture that endorses the diplomatic relations of both countries.

The USD$943 million embassy is being built on a 3.4-hectare property in Mexico City's Nuevo Polanco neighborhood, thus it will be among the largest diplomatic headquarters the U.S. has around the world upon completion scheduled in 2022.

U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Roberta S. Jacobson, Secretary of the Interior Alfonso Navarrete Prida, and Undersecretary for North America of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Carlos Manuel Sada Solana, agreed that the project marks a new era for Mexico-U.S relations.

Roberta S. Jacobson thanked the Mexican authorities for their support on the ongoing diplomatic project. "You are vital partners in this project […] and this project reflects both the importance and strong relationship that already exists between both countries," she added.

Mexico City Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera and businessmen Carlos Slim Helú and Carlos Slim Domit, among other people, attended the ceremony.

On Twitter, Miguel Ángel Mancera wrote in Spanish: "I attended the placing of the first stone of the new U.S. embassy. I celebrate the friendship bonds that bring us closer to the U.S have a new home in Mexico City"

"We need bridges. Between neighbors, more than walls, we need to build good bridges," assured Alfonso Navarrete Prida.


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