20 | SEP | 2019
The new General Education Law is delayed
Teachers have protested the former law but also the new initiative - Photo: Mario Guzmán/EL UNIVERSAL

The new General Education Law is delayed

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The new General Education Law is delayed

The CNTE and the SNTE, the two teacher unions, are quite happy. We've been told that if there are no last-minute changes, the General Education Law won't be discussed during the extraordinary term in the lower chamber and only the initiative in regards to confiscation will be voted. The new education law contemplates the revival of some of President López Obrador's classes, such as history, civics, and philosophy. The law was supposed to be discussed and approved on Thursday but it'll have to wait until September. The unions didn't agree with the new initiative, therefore, this period of time will allow them to try and influence the content of the new bill. Once again, teachers got an A+ in regards to political negotiation.

Did they try to boycott Porfirio Muñoz

They almost canceled Porfirio Muñoz Ledo's talk in the lower chamber. Yesterday, the General Documentation, Information, and Analysis Direction in San Lázaro published the invitation and then, by mistake, it was canceled. Nevertheless, the members of Porfirio Muñoz's team said that the event will take place. There are some who consider that there are no coincidences in politics and that this mistake took place during a time when Porfirio Muñoz has criticized the government and the ruling party, Morena, as in the case of the migration pact with the U.S. or his statements in regards to the Baja California case, where the law was modified to allow Jaime Bonilla to say in power for five years instead of 2. Was there a boycott?

More trouble inside the PRI

Now that the internal election at the PRI is just around the corner, Lorena Piñón launched a legal battle to ban Ivonne Ortega from the internal process, under the argument that Ortega perpetrated anticipated campaign events and expenses, as well as for having behaviors that go against ideological unity at the PRI. We've been told that Piñón filed a motion before the Electoral Tribunal and also accused the PRI's National Justice Commission of omission and for not having solved the issue. Therefore, while PRI members fight in the tribunals, Alejandro Moreno is moving towards becoming the new party leader.

Murat enjoys the Guelaguetza

Oaxaca governor Alejandro Murat looked very happy during the Guelaguetza. We've been told that he invited actress Yalitza Aparicio, Culture Minister Alejandra Frausto, Tourism Minister Miguel Torruco, Veracruz governor Cuitláhuac García, and Rafael Marín Moliendo. Governor Murat triumphed in two fronts: a lot of tourism arrived into the state and a lineup of politicians.


How will the SNTE and CNTE affect education?

AMLO's team is hoping to develop proposals with consensus and with the teachers union's support
How will the SNTE and CNTE affect education?How will the SNTE and CNTE affect education?


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