21 | JUL | 2019
Exhibition “Our Battles against Extinction” in Chapultepec - Photo: Mario Guzmán/EFE

NatGeo and CONABIO raise awareness through photographs

Mexico City
Carlos Ramírez
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“Our Battles against Extinction” aims to raise awareness about species extinction

The photographic exhibition “Our Battles against Extinction” currently showing on the gates of the Chapultepec – running from February 23 to April 20 – is a joint effort of the National Geographic, the National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO) and artist Patricio Robles Gil.

The purpose of the exhibition is to raise awareness in viewers regarding the problem of species extinction.

Through 78 images taken by photographers of various nationalities – such as Brent Stirton, Joel Sartore, Octavio Aburto and Miguel Ángel Sicilia – the exhibition tackles in three sections the severity of the species extinction crisis not only in Mexico but in other countries.

The first section, “Causes”, shows the causes and actions, direct and indirect, which lead to the death of several species; the second, “Species,” depicts some of the currently endangered animals. Lastly, “Actions,” portrays the measures taken to fight this problem as well as several success stories.

Ricardo Azcaroya, one of the curators of “Our Battles against Extinction,” explained the exhibition aims not only at raising awareness but also at encouraging a shift in costumes, habits, and actions harmful to the environment so we can prevent the extinction of further species.


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