The mystery surrounding the Puebla election

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The mystery surrounding the Puebla election
The Puebla election could be annulled - Photo: Víctor Hugo Rojas/EL UNIVERSAL
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The mystery surrounding the Puebla election

There are people in the Electoral Tribunal who want to delay the resolution of the Puebla election case, which was contested by Morena. We've been told that after magistrate José Luis Vargas announced his plan to propose the annulment of the election on Twitter, there are other magistrates who want to delay the discussion and voting. What is the reason to delay the verdict, when the change in power in the state takes place on December 14? We've been told that two magistrates, Reyes Rodríguez Mondragón and Felipe de la Mata, went on an international trip just when Puebla's political future is hanging by a thread and the clock is ticking. As we have said before, it is very likely that the case is discussed this week, despite the fact that Vargas' tweet upset many inside the tribunal. What is clear is that there will be quorum during the session. The clock is ticking...

AMLO, face to face with Governors

Today, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will meet with the members of the Governors' National Conference. There are two relevant issues. The first, see how those Governors who rebelled against working with the federal superdelegates behave, who, according to Governors, affect their states' sovereignty. And the second, we've been told, is that it's expected that Claudia Sheinbaum is presented as the future head of the Conago since she takes office as Mexico City's mayor tomorrow.

The Senate is ready to get rid of immunity

Yesterday, Morena's leader in the Senate, Ricardo Monreal, arrived early at Palacio Nacional. He brought his initiative to eliminate the President's constitutional immunity, where, besides treason, the President can be judged for corruption, electoral crimes, and everything else mentioned in the Constitution. We've been told that the Senator made an agreement with the President's legal team, and Morena will be the one to present the bill announced by López Obrador, with the purpose of it being approved during this regular session.

The IMSS is quite ill

At the IMSS, led by Germán Martínez, they don't want to forget or forgive the alleged corruption or diversion of resources carried out by the previous administration. We've been told that the instruction is to continue with the cases that are being processed or that are being reviewed by the Treasury inspector's office. Although the message is that they will focus on the future, we've been told that the companies who haven't paid their employer's contribution won't be safe. In regards to the working of the Social Security Institution, the visions are contrasting; while the previous government claimed that he had rescued the institution and bragged about improving the service, Mr. Germán expressed his concern about the conditions of the institute and said that they would work with “the leftovers.”


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