Muxe activist found dead in Oaxaca

He was the one who made the gay community visible in the area of the Tehuantepec Isthmus in Oaxaca

Muxe activist found dead in Oaxaca
Óscar Cazorla - Photo: Roselia Chaca/EL UNIVERSAL
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Óscar Cazorla, the Muxe who made the gay community visible in the area of the Tehuantepec Isthmus, Oaxaca, was found dead at his/her home in Juchitán on Saturday night.

Oaxaca's Prosecutor’s Office has now launched an investigation as it seemed Óscar was attacked with a sharp object.

The Prosecutor's Office has vowed to solve the case and reaffirmed its commitment with the members of the community.

Muxes are considered as the third gender, as they are males who dress in a way considered as feminine

Human Rights activist

Óscar was the leader of the Muxe community, an activist who fought for human rights and for the acknowledgment of the LGBTQ community in the Isthmus.

Óscar and other Muxes began celebrating a sexually diverse “vela” 43 years ago, a party to pay respect to their municipality, which they named the Vela of the Authentic Intrepid Danger Chasers
Back in 1976, Óscar and other Muxes in Juchitán hid from the police and ran away from the raids as the parties they organized were clandestine because they were discriminated and persecuted for their sexual orientation and their gender identity. 

Óscar Cazorla was considered as an icon in the Zapotec community, as he/she was an activist, a merchant, and a local PRI member.

Several organizations have demanded justice.

Despite his/her death, his/her legacy and his/her work to protect the rights of the gay community will be remembered.


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