Christmassy desserts

You can choose between a snow globe ice cream, a Grinch milkshake, and a poinsettia cake!

The most Christmassy desserts in Mexico City
You can find this ginger and berries snowman at BOCA in Mexico City - Photo: Taken from BOCA’s Facebook page
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Mexico is known for its complex and ancient culinary tradition and has become a culinary hub in the world. In recent years, more and more restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and bars have opened in Mexico City

As the city embraces the holiday seasons, so does bakeries and ice cream shops! Here are the best Christmas desserts in town:

Snowmen, poinsettias, and Christmas trees at BOCA

You can find a wide variety of delicious desserts at BOCA but during these holiday season, the talented chefs behind the desserts-only restaurant came up with really festive desserts.

For example, the Christmas tree has pine, chocolate, and orange. The one that pays homage to poinsettias includes Thai basil and strawberry. Benito the snowman tastes like ginger and berries.

BOCA is known for offering unique desserts and for support the local economy, as all the ingredients are natural, fresh and local

The Grinch milkshake at Bigotes de Leche

Bigotes de Leche is a coffee shop, ice cream shop, and grocery store located in Mexico City. It offers a wide variety of ice cream, milkshakes, beverages, pastries and more.

This Christmas, they will be offering a Grinch milkshake! It is a very anti-Christmas-looking mint, chocolate, and candy cane milkshake.

Snow globe ice cream at Heladería Escandón

For the second year in a row, this beloved ice cream shop is serving a snow globe ice cream! Here, your ice cream will be topped with a Christmas cookie, a snowman or a Christmas tree, a caramel dome, and cotton candy.

You can also have a gingerbread man cookie milkshake! You can choose your favorite ice cream flavor, then it’ll be topped with Nutella and crushed Oreos, and a gingerbread man on top.

Heladería Escandón offers a wide variety of ice creams, milkshakes, cookies, and beverages. They also have a few options for your pet.



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