Morena questions the PT

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Morena questions the PT
The PT’s recent decision upset several Morena lawmakers - Photo: Emilio Vásquez Morena/EL UNIVERSAL
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Morena questions the PT

The PT’s decision to welcome Mauricio Toledo and Héctor Serrano into the political party so that Gerardo Fernández Noroña leads the lower chamber has prompted Morena to question its vote. Sources said the PT not only needs more lawmakers than the PRI, but it also needs to reach a political agreement to obtain two-thirds of the votes. Some Morena lawmakers are angry at the PT after it welcomed certain people and also because they think Fernández Noroña is not the right person to lead the lower chamber. 

Alberto Anaya didn’t meet with the President

Sources said that last Friday, PT leader Alberto Anaya was spotted at Mexico City’s airport. Insiders said he was waiting for President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who was returning from Tamaulipas. Nevertheless, the PT leader couldn’t meet with the President. Anaya, along with Reginaldo Sandoval, then entered an exclusive restaurant inside the airport. All this took place after the PT welcomed Mauricio Toledo and Héctor Serrano.

Women leading the Legislative Branch

Yesterday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador met with Laura Rojas Hernández, the head of the lower chamber, and Mónica Fernández Balboa, the head of the Senate. Laura Rojas has acknowledged that she had a respectful relationship with the President and that there was cooperation. Meanwhile, Mónica Fernández said there were respect and dialogue between both government branches. However, everything indicates women will lead Congress again until 2023. 

Victims were forgotten amid the pandemic

This Sunday, the world commemorates the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances. The International Red Cross Committee will release a music video to pay homage to the hundreds of families looking for their loved ones. In Mexico, official numbers suggest 75,000 people have gone missing. NGOs say that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities have ignored the situation. For example, the National Commission for Victim Assistance has no director. 


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