Mexico’s Reconstruction Commission

, led by César Cravioto , has initiated massive reconstruction projects in single-family and multifamily homes damaged by the September 19 earthquake in 2017 .

Cravioto described that there was a program in place to deliver 400 rehabilitated or rebuilt housing units in the month of April; 800 in May , and 1,200 a month starting in June in Mexico City . “Ideally, we will deliver the last houses by March next year,” he said.

The statesman supervised the start of the project on Monday and delivered some rehabilitated buildings in the Tláhuac, Iztapalapa, Iztacalco, and Gustavo A. Madero boroughs in Mexico City.

An earthquake victims association also supervised the beginning of reconstruction works in Tláhuac, where around 500 houses and apartments were damaged by the earthquake.

The reconstruction plan consists of dividing the city into 195 quadrants to organize the projects. Each quadrant has between 50 and 60 single-family and multifamily homes .

The reconstruction commission will work in cooperation with a construction company, a supervisor company, a technical project manager (DRO), and a notary.

There are currently 11,739 houses in need of rehabilitation or reconstruction , as well as 313 buildings.

Cravioto Romero commented that, before the reconstruction project started, the organization had taken some time to reorganize the reconstruction process, alleging that Mexico’s previous administration had left “a mess.”

The government of Enrique Peña Nieto ignored thousands of families in need of assistance. Whereas the authorities concerned counted 7,000 damaged houses and apartments, the new administration counted 17,000 , mostly in eastern Mexico.


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