Mexico City’s subway system registers another accident

Last month, a train driver died in a tragic accident 

Mexico City’s subway system registers another accident
For years, workers argue train need urgent maintenance - Photo: Feature photography
English 22/04/2020 12:23 David Fuentes Mexico City Actualizada 12:37
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A month after Mexico City’s subway system registered a crash that killed one person and injured 41, the metro registered another accident last night, although this time, there were no fatalities. 

After the incident, workers demanded more safety measures and constant maintenance for the trains. Some say that if the local government ignores this request, a worse tragedy is imminent. 

According to reports, the accident took place on Apri 21 at 8 PM, in the Misterios station, when the railway coupler fractured when the metro was on its way to the Consulado station.

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According to maintenance employees, the coupler was dragged for some time, hitting other mechanisms and damaging the driver’s cabin. 

The train is now being repaired. 

After the latest accident, workers said these accidents are caused by the lack of equipment and said that workers from this line have denounced the situation since 2011, as the train tracks are damaged. 

In a report sent to subway authorities, workers explained that the tracks in lines 2,5,8,9, A, and B need to be realigned urgently to prevent an accident

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