Mexicans drive bus to World Cup

Six Mexicans have decided to venture to the World Cup on board a bus that has already toured Europe

Mexicans drive bus to Russia for the World Cup
The six friends have documented their travels through the old continent, wearing Mexican sombreros and wrestler masks - Photo: Taken from Ingue su Matrushka's official Facebook page
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Updated: June 18th, 20018

Six men from Durango that have decided to venture to the FIFA World Cup 2018 on board of La Bendición, a bus that they modified and adapted with Mexican symbols and ornaments, have just arrived in Moscow, Russia.

Through their Facebook page, “Ingue Su Matrushka,” (Ef their Matrushkas) the six friends have documented their travels through the old continent, wearing Mexican sombreros and wrestler masks. Their main challenge was to get from Mexico to Russia in a land transport.

La Bendición embarked on April 25 in Altamira, Tamaulipas, and arrived in Germany on May 26. Since then, the adventurers have visited cities like Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Lithuania, Krakow, Riga, Tallin, and Saint Petersburg, among others.

After 18 days of traveling, they arrived in Moscow yesterday. They also plan to visit the cities where Mexico’s National soccer team will be playing: Rostov del Don and Yekaterinburg.

“We’re leaving everything behind and spending our 4-year savings so that our bus can take us to our destination. We’re not afraid of death, and we’re not afraid of adventure. Ef their Matrushkas, we’re going to Russia!,” they posted on their Facebook page.

EL UNIVERSAL got in touch with one of the travelers, Daniel Garza, who said: “We’re here in the middle of nowhere. We’ll be arriving in Moscow in a few hours,” he told on board of La Bendición during the final stage of the road trip.

Daniel told about the Europeans’ extraordinary reaction to seeing La Bendición. “People laugh, take photos, wave at us, and they’re usually pretty nice to us. They all want to know what the bus is about.”

And although they left without tickets for the match, nothing could keep this six determined Mexicans from Mexico's debut game against Germany.

“In the end we did manage to get tickets for the game Mexico – Germany! Thanks to KIO Networks for the tickets and a special shout-out to Luis, Ricardo, and Diego!“


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