Students conquer the Mathematical Olympiad

The Mexican team attended the International Mathematical Olympiad in London

Mexican students conquer the International Mathematical Olympiad
Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro paid for the team's place tickets - Photo: Left: Taken from @MatématicasCDMX Twitter account; Right: Mike Blake/EL UNIVERSAL
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The Mexican team who participated in the International Mathematical Olympiad in London won four medals.

These talented young students won one silver and 3 bronze medals, as well as two honorific mentions.

Through its Twitter account, the Mexico City Mathematics Olympiad announced that Bruno, a student from the state of Colima won a silver medal at the competition; Ana Paula, Tomás, and Eric won a bronze medal each.

On May 24, Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro announced he would help the students financially so that they could attend the international competition and has congratulated them through social media.

On June 30, the Mexico City Mathematics Olympiad, which works in collaboration with the Mexican Mathematics Society (SMM), announced that Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro had bought the team's plane tickets.

In previous years, the Conacyt, the National Science and Technology Council, supported scientific organizations through a program that helped them to attend Olympiads, workshops, research programs, and academic contests but with the arrival of the new Conacyt director, María Elena Álvarez-Buylla, she decided not to implement this program any longer.

Nevertheless, after a lot of criticism, the Conacyt backtracked and announced that it would allocate resources for this program for the next 6 months but the future of the program is now uncertain.

Congratulations to these young geniuses!



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