Mexican government adds 17 products to basic food basket

President López Obrador presented Mexico's new basic food basket in the state of San Luis Potosí

Mexican government adds 17 products to basic food basket
The products will be offered at affordable prices in stores from the new Mexican Food Safety Institute - Photo: Ivan Stephens/EL UNIVERSAL
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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has now presented Mexico’s new basic food basket, which now includes 40 products instead of the 23 that were included last year. The products will be offered at affordable prices in stores from the Mexican Food Safety Institute, which is a merge of Diconsa, a federal agency responsible for the supply of commodities to rural communities, and Liconsa, a Mexican parastatal company subsidized by the Federal government.

“We will do the same that Diconsa and Liconsa used to do, only better,” claimed the President, who assured that new generations “will be left with a better country. We will leave a new legacy, a country that will be different than the one we got.”

At the dirt field of the Fernando Toranzo Fernández sports center, the head of the Mexican government hosted the event in company of both federal and state authorities, including the governor of San Luis Potosí and PRI politician Juan Manuel Carreras, who was booed during his speech.

Ignacio Ovalle, head of the Mexican Food Security agency (SEGALMEX), indicated that the 17 food products recently included were beef, pork, chicken, tostadas (deep fried tortillas), bread, sweet bread, fresh egg, dried fish, purified water, amaranth candy, peanut, canned tomato sauce, dried fruits, hibiscus flower, tamarind, sugar-free concentrates for the elaboration of beverages, gelatine, chickpeas, peas, and soy, as well as the basic set of fruits and vegetables, as well as batteries.

All 23 products that make up the traditional basic food basket will continue to be offered by Diconsa.

The products are as follows:

Maize flour
Vegetable oil
Dairy products
Canned peppers
Instant coffee
Kitchen salt
Pasta for soup
Wheat flour
Toilet paper
Powder detergent

No one in Mexico will live in hunger or malnutrition. This is a deeply humane program through which we will fight hunger,” stated President López Obrador.

Furthermore, a preventive medicine campaign will be launched through the Ministry of Health so that products such as sugar are labeled with a warning on the risks of immoderate consumption.

López Obrador claimed that he had been left with a country that had very serious problems. “But I am confident that we will be able to move forward and stop corruption.”


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