is the Mexican company leading the solar energy industry i n the country and recently, it opened its first branch in Chile and now it is looking to expand to other Latin American countries like Argentina, Peru, Colombia, and Costa Rica.

On September 10, Enlight inaugurated the biggest photovoltaic roof in Chile , which is also one of the biggest ones in South America . This solar roof was installed at one of Bimbo's branches in the Latin American country. In total, it will produce 3.0 gigawatts per hour every year and it will also help to decrease CO2 emissions .

Through the implementation of solar energy , governments and companies are contributing to the fight against climate change and global warming.

The inauguration was attended by Chile's Energy Minister, Juan Carlos Jobet ; the Environment Minster, Carolina Schmidt ; the Deputy Secretary-General at Bimbo, Rafael Pamias ; the Managing Director at Ideal S.A, Enrique Martínez; and J ulian Willenbrock , the co-founder and Executive Director at Enlight .

With this project, Bimbo will carry out 27% of its operations using clean energy , moreover, it's part of an effort to exclusively use renewable energy by 2025.


The solar industry in Mexico

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL in English, Julian Willenbrock and Juan Pablo Robert discussed the future of solar energy in Mexico and the company's future plans.

Juan Pablo Robert,

the C hief Marketing Officer at Enlight, said that the company has been working with Bimbo for quite some time and that they will inaugurate Mexico's biggest photovoltaic roof at one of Bimbo's facilities and he also emphasized that Mexico has the potential to implement these large-scale roofs and that the industry has been embracing solar energy in months years.

In regards to clean energy regulations, Julian Willenbrock explained that “in the last months, there has been a lot of structural changes in regards to regulatory bodies in Mexico (…)” but he emphasized that this sector is not threatened and that the necessary regulations do exist .

Juan Pablo Robert

explained that in Mexico , both the residential and industrial sectors will continue growing next year. Power storage systems will also gain ground in Mexico, which will help to regulate industrial fees . Moreover, collective solar power contracts could also become a reality soon.


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