The renewable energy industry is taking Mexico , and the world, by storm. There are over 800 solar integrators in Mexico , yet has become the market's leader . In April they represented the Mexican Solar Energy Association ( ASOLMEX ) in the Hannover Messe , the biggest industrial fair in the world.

Juan Pablo Robert

, Enlight's Chief Marketing Officer , talked to about the challenges they have faced in the last seven years, the renewable energy industry's panorama in Mexico , as well as their development plans . According to Robert, Enlight offers cleaner and cheaper energy , better technology and transparency .


said that it's always hard to break through the energy sector with a “new and disruptive industry” like solar energy. When this project started seven years ago, they had to explain the transition process , from electricity to solar energy , to the , Mexico's public utility company , even though they were in charge of designing and applying the process. Nevertheless, he explains that this is an open industry , that holds many development opportunities . Yet the lack of awareness surrounding solar energy is their biggest obstacle.

Enlight is taking the Mexican solar energy industry by storm
Enlight is taking the Mexican solar energy industry by storm

Juan Pablo Robert


that “there are over 800 solar integrators in Mexico ,” yet Enlight has become the industry's leader , as they have installed the majority of solar panel systems in the country. He emphasizes that they are always innovating, always looking for new technologies , for example, they developed an app for their users to monitor their panel system , which allows the user to monitor their energy consumption , their savings , among other features.

Solar panels

generate up to 98% saving in utility bills , this technology benefits mostly large companies and homes with utility bills over MXN $2,500 . Nevertheless, renewable energy is becoming more accessible for everyone, Robert explains that solar panel costs have decreased 78% in the last 8 years , which is beneficial for the consumers and the environment , as it's cheaper and has been saving up to 20,000 trees per year .

The solar energy industry has experienced an exponential growth in recent years, more so than other forms of renewable energy. Juan Pablo Robert emphasized that “Solar energy is not a trend or luxury, it's a solution” , and that “it's expected that the number of people with solar panels at home duplicates this year, from 60,000 to 120, 000.

As solar energy's panorama looks brighter than ever , Robert explains that “ Mexico has an immense solar potential , Mexico is set to become one of the 10th solar powers in the world in 5 to 7 years ”. He explains that their market is diversifying , they have installed solar panels in homes , restaurants , printing presses , Bimbo's bakeries , offices , laboratories , and even in prison .

But how do solar panels work? Enlight calculates how sunny it's going to be in your neighborhood , how much energy you use and determine how many panels you'll need . They connect the panels to the CFE's installation and change the electric meter. Once installed it doesn't need much maintenance besides an occasional rinse. When the energy accumulates and it's not used , it goes to the cables so others can use it , and you'll only pay for the energy you used from the utility company when needed, for example, when it was cloudy for days. The system lasts up to 30 years , and you can even buy it in 24 monthly payments.


has brought clean and cheap energy to Mexican homes and companies , it has innovated this sector with technology , their app that allows transparency in the energy consumption , and their strategies. There's no wonder they're the sector's leader.


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