Moisés Escamilla May

, a member of Los Zetas , contracted inside a federal prison and died. He was imprisoned for beheading 12 people in Cancún, Quinta Roo.

Authorities informed that the criminal presented respiratory problems on May 6 and died two days later. He was 45 years old and didn’t suffer from a chronic illness .

As of May 9, the Puente Grande , located in Jalisco, reported 74 COVID-19 cases; the majority of cases are asymptomatic.


Los Zetas

It was formed as an independent cartel in 2008 when it split from the Gulf Cartel. After controlling drug trafficking all over Mexico, internal conflicts, rival cartels, and Mexican authorities lessened its influence and power in recent years. This drug cartel is divided into two rival groups: the Northeast Cartel and Old School .

This violent Mexican drug cartel traffics methamphetamine , marijuana , cocaine , and heroin in Laredo, Dallas, and New Orleans.



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