While Mexico is still struggling to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, a museum dedicated to the famous plant opened two years ago in Mexico City , seeking to educate people on the nature and history of cannabis, completely free of prejudice.

The museum director Julio Zenil commented that the project had begun two years ago to commemorate the anniversary of a magazine called Cáñamo . In fact, the museum’s full name is: “Museo del Cáñamo y la Marihuana” (Museom of Cáñamo and Marijuana) .

“The museum opened on April 20, 2017 . At that time, it was only a traveling project. First, we opened in the Roma neighborhood and we stayed there for a couple of months. Afterward, the exhibition was moved to different places, even the Chamber of Deputies and the Mexican Senate,” he explained.

Last April, we finally got a permanent venue on number 28, Madero street, downtown Mexico City.

“We wanted to offer a space to shed some light on the subject of marijuana. We wanted to show people that cannabis has accompanied humanity for centuries, but it was forbidden barely 100 years ago,” he stated.

“The amount of misinformation surrounding marijuana is terrible. Now it is thought to be some kind of evil plant that poses a threat to public health, but in reality, it is not. We believe that marijuana bans and restrictions likely came from the interests of the pharmaceutical and textile industries, who pushed for its prohibition to boost sales,” he added.

The Museum of Marijuana has five showcases that show products and foods derived from the plant.

Julio Zenil explained that the museum had all sorts of marijuana-based products, including backpacks, beer, medicine, and all sorts of clothes, highlighting the multiple uses of marijuana in the textile industry.

“We also have biodegradable plastics, textiles (which can last four times longer than cotton), and cosmetics. CBD oil is very good for the skin.

The Marijuana Museum also offers all sorts of books about marijuana.

It opens Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 20:00 hours , and Saturdays from 10:00 to 16:00 hours. Entrance is free.


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