Marijuana divides the President's cabinet

Inside President López Obrador 's cabinet, we've been told that there are different opinions in regard to the recreational use of marijuana . On one hand, some reject its recreational use , such as José Alonso Novelo , the head of the Cofepris ; we've been told he considers there's no scientific evidence that proves the medicinal use of cannabis . On the other hand, there's a group in favor of responsible use of , including Gady Zabicky , the national commissioner against drug addiction . It should be mentioned that in fact, medicinal cannabis is legal in Mexico and that the Supreme Court issued a verdict that forces the Health Ministry to issue a set of rules to guarantee Mexicans patients access to cannabis drugs , which has to be done by the Cofepris. Is a personal opinion interfering with this regulation ?

The new Supreme Court minister will be a woman

It seems like there are only two contenders left for the vacant position in the . We've been told that Margarita Ríos-Farjat , the head of the SAT , has been spending time trying to convince opposition senators to support her in her bid to become a Supreme Court minister. On the other hand, academic and researcher Ana Laura Magaloni hasn't been spotted in Congress but she's still the favorite contender among the opposition. No matter what the result is, the good news is that there will be a female minister in the Supreme Court.

Endless complaints against the ISSSTE

Luis Antonio Ramírez Pineda

, the head of the , needs to relax since the is an endless number of complaints against the institute . For example, there are medicine shortages , elevators don't work, surgeries are being scheduled for the next 6 months, and people complain about not receiving medical attention . We've been told that in recent days, when patients try to schedule an appointment through the phone, operators ask them to call back in two or three weeks. This has been a rough year for Luis Antonio Ramírez.

UNAM experts support Mara Gómez

We've been UNAM academics sent letters to the Senate, supporting Mara Gómez Pérez , a contender to lead the Executive Commission for the Attention of Victims ( CEAV ). Experts from the Legal Research Institute such as Diego Valadés , Sergio García Ramírez , Héctor Fix Fierro , and Miguel Carbonell said that Mara Gómez fulfills all the requirements for the position and has the necessary experience to help of crime. Other contenders proposed by the President include María de los Ángeles Haces Velasc o and Melba Adriana Olvera Rodríguez .


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