López Obrador's message to Urzúa

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López Obrador's message to Urzúa
The President had a message for the former minister – Photo: Henry Romero/REUTERS
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López Obrador's message to Urzúa

Some think there was a hidden message in President López Obrador's response to Carlos Urzúa's resignation after the former official claimed that people who lack knowledge in regards to finance had been appointed to the ministry, as well as conflicts of interest among government officials. Therefore, some think that the President sent a message to those who might be thinking about leaving the government. They claim the message was that anyone else who leaves will be treated as Urzúa, who didn't “agree with what we were doing” and practically accused him of not understanding that this government is implementing “real change, not just a simulation” and of not understanding that the new government has committed to changing the neoliberal economic policy, as well as to eradicate corruption, impunity, and implementing Republican austerity.

A message to Juan Collado

A second message was sent yesterday, after lawyer Juan Collado was arrested, after being accused of money laundering and organized crime. First, let's not forget that Collado received a lot of attention after a video of his daughters' wedding was shared on social media. At the party, he was accompanied by famous politicians, including the former President Peña Nieto. Officials from the federal government claim that the video upset the President and now Collado is facing serious federal charges. The message was directed to whom?

Urzúa's last hours at the Finance Ministry

We've been told that Carlos Urzúa had several issues with his boss, as a result of the management of the country's finances. One day before announcing his resignation, Urzúa met with the President and it's rumored that he was upset when he left the President's office. Urzúa was one of the few cabinet members who had strong ideas and confronted the President's ideas. We've been told that the final days were difficult for Urzúa.

Vacations are over for some

We've been told that Morena legislators will ask the Permanent Commission to implement an extraordinary period as soon as possible, in order to ratify the appointment of Arturo Herrera as Finance Minister. The problem is that Congress is empty and very few lawmakers are working. The biggest concern is that the government has to send good signals to the international markets, in the face of Urzúa's resignation so some lawmakers will have to come back from their vacations.


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