López Obrador couldn't pick up Trump's call

After the failed operation to arrest Ovidio Guzmán , the son of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán , U.S. President Donald Trump tried to call President López Obrador to express his solidarity but López Obrador was away in Putla , Oaxaca , where communications are almost non-existent. The incident was revealed by the Mexican President after he finally talked to Trump yesterday. We've been told that the issue had been analyzed by the President's team, who installed a piece of communication equipment in the car used by López Obrador. Nevertheless, the phone didn't work and was removed. We've been told that it is time that President López Obrador's team learns about satellite phones because this is the second time Trump hasn't been able to talk to Obrador. The first time AMLO missed Trump's phone call was when the U.S. increased the tariffs on Mexican steel; Trump tried to call López Obrador but the deficient Mexican communications didn't allow it.

Lobbyists & Morena

We've been told that on early Friday, the lobbying to prevent the implementation of more taxes to soda , alcoholic beverages , cigarettes , and junk food in the lower chamber was intense and in the end, lawmakers didn't raise taxes on these products. Two people lobbied against the increase: Shirley Almaguer Camacho , who was the external communication manager at British American Tobacco México in 2010, and who's also the daughter of Morena's president, Yeidckol Polevnsky ; as well as Rosemary Safie Samour , who back in 2013 belonged to law firm Safie Consultores and who didn't want the Anti-tobacco law approved in the Senate back in 2013 , who's also married to Morena mayor in Azcapotzalco , Vidal Llerenas .

Romero Deschamps who?

We've been told that the leader of the Federation of Unions of Government Workers, Joel Ayala Almeida , feels stronger than ever, as he says he will end his term after he was elected in December 2018. We've been told that although Joel Ayala has been leading the FSTSE for 21 years, the situation at the workers union is different from Pemex and Carlos Romero Deschamps since Ayala says he has support from the 82 unions that form the FSTSE and denies he will resign soon. Let's not forget that last Thursday, the bureaucratic leader quit the PRI after 40 years in order to create his own political organization .

Marijuana to be discussed in the Senate

The decriminalization of marijuana will be discussed in the Senate soon after it stagnated when the PRI was the majority. The current administration is proposing to remove the ban on it, although it will only be legal to carry 30 grams . The draft has been distributed by the head of the Health Commission, Miguel Ángel Navarro Quintero , which includes the production and commercialization of marijuana .


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