Mexican chef is known for her famed seafood restaurant Contramar in Mexico City , as well as for her philosophy on food and hospitality.

Now, thanks to MasterClass , a new education platform , you can learn to cook authentic from scratch, in a class taught by this talented Mexican chef .


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According to David Rogier , the co-founder and CEO of MasterClass: "Gabriela not only modernized , she brought it to a global audience." He added that "her class is more than recipes and how-tos – it's a look at the key ingredients and flavors that form the foundation of Mexican cooking."

The classes include essential information such as the historical , cultural , and nutritional value of corn in Mexico.

Moreover, in her MasterClass , Cámara will share how to make some of her most famous and authentic dishes using fresh, local ingredients with a focus on .


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The classes start from basics such as how to make corn dough and tortillas and evolve into salsas , the famous , the roasted fish served at Contramar, fried eggs served with salsa, beans , a traditional molcajete salsa , the famous tuna tostadas served at Contramar, deep - fried quesadillas , shrimp cured in lime juice, and guava tamales .

Who is Gabriela Cámara?

The Mexican chef and restaurateur opened Contramar and Entremar in Mexico City , Cala in San Francisco , and is the co-chef at Onda in Los Angeles . When she opened Contramar in 1998, she revolutionized , largely inspired by her passion for seafood and sustainability . Cámara has spent the last 20 years establishing herself as one of the most successful and innovative minds in the . Nevertheless, her expertise goes beyond cooking , as she promotes sustainability and minimizing waste .

Learn to cook authentic Mexican food with chef Gabriela Cámara
Learn to cook authentic Mexican food with chef Gabriela Cámara

Through the , cooks will be introduced to the essential ingredients , dishes , and flavors of . Moreover, this approach contrasts with the recipes shared by chefs such as , who presented a dish and called it pozole , a dish with sacred origins, even when her version is completely different from the authentic Mexican pozole .

What is MasterClass?

The digital platform was founded in 2015 and aims to makes it possible for anyone to learn from the best experts in different areas.


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