Karime Macías could be extradited to Mexico in late 2020

Her husband is accused of watering down medicines for child cancer patients

Karime Macías could be extradited to Mexico in late 2020
Karime Macías lives in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world - Photo: Inder Bugarín/EL UNIVERSAL
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The Westminster Magistrates' Court scheduled the date for the last hearing in the extradition case against Karime Macías, the wife of former Mexican governor Javier Duarte.

The court scheduled the hearing on November 16 and it will last 5 days.

Karime Macías was freed after paying $3.5 million to UK authorities

Macías is wanted by Mexican authorities after she was accused of diverting public funds from the state of Veracruz.

She was detained by English authorities on October 29, 2019, but the foreign government did not extradite her and released her on bail.

Meanwhile, UK media has reported Karime Macías is living in a £10,000-a-month flat in London.

Her husband, the disgraced politician Javier Duarte, is currently serving his sentence in jail. He was accused of embezzlement, organized crime, and is said to have watered down medicines for child cancer patients while he was governor of Veracruz.

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