Journalist Norma Sarabia was murdered in Mexico

Norma Sarabia, a Mexican journalist, was murdered today

Journalist Norma Sarabia was murdered in Mexico
The journalist lived in Tabasco, the President's home state - Photo: Henry Romero/REUTERS
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Norma Sarabia, a Mexican journalist, was murdered today.

Sarabia wrote for newspaper Tabasco HOY, in the Huimanguillo municipality.

According to the local newspaper, the journalist was murdered by two armed men who shot her several times while she was entering her home.

The Tabasco Journalist Association (ATP) condemned the attack and demanded justice.

Huimanguillo neighbors Veracruz and in recent months, a series of murders linked to fuel theft have taken place; the area is considered as high-risk by state authorities.

Since January 2018, at least 9 journalists have been murdered in Mexico.