16 | JUN | 2019
Japanese group ‘Wasabi’ to perform in Mexico City
The band’s name was a combination of the ideogram for “Japan” or “harmony” (和), and “the best part of a song” (サビ) - Photo: Taken from INBA's official website

Japanese group ‘Wasabi’ to perform in Mexico City

Mexico City
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The Japanese group 'Wasabi' brings together the best of Japan's musical tradition and pop music

Though music often has ritual connotations among Japan’s most traditional cultural manifestations, the Japanese word for music (音楽) is a combination of the ideograms for “fun” and “sound.”

The Japanese group Wasabi’s musical mix of modernity and tradition will arrive at the Palace of Fine Arts’ Main Hall in Mexico City on August 18 for the commemoration of the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Japan.

The contemporary music group uses traditional Japanese instruments with a fresh sound, featuring Hiromu Motonaga, who plays the shakuhachi; Ryoichiro Yoshida, playing the tsugaru-shamisen (a banjo-like string instrument); Shin Ichikawa, playing the koto, and Naosaburo Biho, who plays the taiko (drum).

Their music proposal aims to attracting new generations by showing that Japan’s most traditional melodies can still be performed in an innovative way, stated the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) through a press release.

Wasabi incorporates traditional Japanese melodies into contemporary music genres such as Jazz, Rock, and J-Pop. By bringing together these music styles, they offer an innovating music proposal through which they distinguish themselves from other contemporary and experimental artists in the popular music scene.

Naoko Sugimoto, cultural attaché of the Mexico-Japan Foundation, stated that the band’s name was a combination of the ideogram for “Japan” or “harmony” (), and “the best part of a song” (サビ), while the band’s name also plays with the double meaning of “wasabi,” which is also a famous Japanese condiment.

The concert in Bellas Artes will offer a total of 12 musical pieces with a 4 to 5 minute duration, such as Shinonome, Rekko, Eleven, Bright, Aoi, Shigure, Kokiriko, Sakura Sakura, Momoyozuki, Grisaille Sky, Yellowgeena, and Koyou.

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