Isaac Hernández: Making ballet relevant

After receiving the Prix Benois de la Danse, Isaac Hernández commented on his future plans and his excitement about the show "Despertares" in Mexico City

Isaac Hernández: Turning ballet into a subject of public interest
On August 25, the Mexican dancer will return to the National Auditorium with the show Despertares - Photo: Taken from Isaac Hernández' Facebook profile
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Isaac Hernández has achieved the unthinkable: ballet has become a subject of national interest in the last few weeks since he became the first Mexican dancer to be awarded at the Prix Benois de la Danse. The ceremony took place at the legendary Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, Russia.

Businessmen, journalists, mass media, politicians, cultural institutions, the President of Mexico, as well as thousands of social network users have followed with close attention the dancer’s recognition. The Prix Benois is the most important award given to ballet dancers worldwide, organized by the International Dance Association in Moscow.

When asked about his future plans, given that he had just attained the highest recognition possible in his career, he replied: “I want to go on.”

“That’s a very difficult question you’re asking, what my future plans are, and the truth is I intend to continue seizing opportunities as they come, as I’ve been doing so far. This award is very important and I feel lucky, inspired, and grateful that my work has been recognized this way. I am very glad that I managed to turn ballet into a trending topic in Mexico, I think that’s priceless and very important. I have the next three years completely booked, my professional career will continue and I hope to have the opportunity to seize new opportunities,” he explained in a phone interview.

Although Isaac Hernández’ career has received support, it has been formed outside Mexico’s institutions. “I’ve had colleagues with whom I’ve shared the stage who are working at places such as the Paris Opera, where they have followed a structured path, with guaranteed job opportunities and protection, and that is something I’ve never had. I like to let people know that it is possible to fight for your dreams and you need to be responsible and seek opportunities for yourself. Now, I don’t want people to think I’ve had no support because I have; I can’t take credit for everything because I’ve had help from my parents and so many people who have believed in me,” he said.

On August 25, the Mexican dancer will return to the National Auditorium with the show Despertares, along with dancers from some of the most prestigious companies in the world. He has also expressed his excitement about New Suite, by William Forsythe, with famous dancers Maria Kochetkova and Sebastian Kloborg. Furthermore, he has worked to promote scholarships and master classes for Mexican dancers.

“These projects are meant to attract public interest, so that ballet is no longer taboo; for many generations it has been believed that men shouldn’t dance and that upon retirement, our future is uncertain; I want my work, and what my brother Esteban and I have experienced, to serve as an example that life through art can be extraordinary, and I think we’re achieving that goal. We have already drawn the country’s attention, and now we want to create opportunities for younger dancers.


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