INE estimates to have election results by July 2nd

INE estimates to have election results by July 2nd

Carina García
Mexico City
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The INE has stated the Preliminary Election Results Program (PREP) may perform slower than in the previous election due to the amount of data it will have to process

The National Electoral Institute (INE) has stated they expect the Preliminary Election Results Program (PREP) to perform slower than in previous elections, thus the official results of the presidential race could be available until Monday, July 2nd.

“By midnight on Sunday we will only have 12% of the data on the presidential election; 55% by 3:00 am; 67% by 6:00 am;  and 82% by 8:00 am,” explained the Executive Secretary of the INE, Edmundo Jacobo Molina.

During the National PREP test, one week ahead of the 2018 General election, the INE official explained they have expected a slow performance and thus decided to inform the general public so they know there will be a difference between other elections.

Given that there are states holding up to six different elections and the polling stations can only close once all the ballots have been counted (3 at a federal level and 3 at a local one), it will take longer to get the results.

Unlike the 2012 election, the INE will install only one polling station for both, federal and local elections.

The quick count offers voting ranges and is a statistic obtained by a group of scientists from a sample of the results of polling stations.

Nevertheless, the INE official informed Lorenzo Córdova, the president councilor of the Institute, will announce the result of the quick count before the 23:00 hours on Sunday.


PREP system is allegedly unbreakable

The Preliminary Elections Results Program (PREP) is completely shielded against cyber-attacks, INE says
PREP system is allegedly unbreakablePREP system is allegedly unbreakable


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