Ina Garten whitewashes pozole

Garten disrespects a dish that is at least 500 years old

Ina Garten whitewashes pozole
Ina Garten is a well-respected chef in the U.S. - Photo: Taken from the video
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Two weeks ago, Ina Garten posted her recipe for “posole” on social media and Food Network, nevertheless, the recipe was wildly criticized by people.

In her recipe, Garten disrespects a dish that is at least 500 years old. Pozole was a ceremonial dish enjoying by Aztecs on special occasions.

In the video, the chef can be seen adding bell peppers, black beans, tortilla chips, green salsa and other ingredients that do not belong in a pozole and although it could be argued that chefs can create variations or fusion dishes, Garten's “posole” only uses ingredients that have been labeled as “Mexican,” even when they actually belong to Tex-Mex cuisine and even by misspelling the name of the dish.

The “posole” recipe highlights a more serious issue: the fact that international chefs do not respect Mexican cuisine, one of the first cuisines to be recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO.

If you want to make pozole, you can find the authentic recipe here:



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