Ice between Anaya and Zavala

Yesterday the independent presidential candidate Margarita Zavala and the candidate of the “For Mexico to the Front” coalition, Ricardo Anaya , saw each other. We're told that the encounter happened casually, on the street, in front of the Papalote Museum, where both went to sign the 10 commitments of the Early Childhood Pact . Anaya came in first and then Margarita. Our sources say there was just a cold “hello” exchanged between in the 10 seconds they crossed each other. Once inside, Anaya signed the commitment and then Margarita Zavala did her thing. Those close to the politicians when they exchanged pleasantries spoke of a cold win – there's ice between them.

The black record of the Senate

The Senate is about to break a historical record. We're told that senators are the champions in stalling appointments. At the moment, they have stalled, at least, 50. All are important and vital for the country, such as the Prosecutor General or the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor. The Upper Chamber, presided by the member of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) Ernesto Cordero , is about to enter the last week of sessions with most commissions inactive, thus it is expected all pending matters will remain stuck, many of which involve key appointments. The candidates to commissioners of the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (INAI) will begin their parade and two of them will be chosen next week. But regarding the key appointments – like the prosecutors – no one utters a single word, having been swallowed by the electoral contest.

Are they finally after fuel thieves?

And if senators have a debt regarding pending appointments, they at least have managed to approve tax and criminal reforms aiming at stopping hydrocarbon theft . Now that the Legislative Branch has done its part, the ball is in the court of the Executive, especially in the one of Mexico's Office of the Attorney General and the Tax Administration Service, the latter led by Osvaldo Santín. Now the agencies have enough to go after fuel and gas thieves, reason why we should expect this crime to begin dwindling soon.

AMO, Anaya, Meade, and dairy

Next Tuesday, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) , Ricardo Anaya , and José Antonio Meade will attend the National Dairy Forum. This industry, according to our sources, is no trifle as it gathers over 40,000 cattle breeders, producers of dairy products across 24 states of the country – which almost single-handedly account for the daily production of 35 million liters of milk. We're told the ranchers will bring up their concerns to the candidates over what the ranchers believe to be a discriminative openness to dairy imports and the lack of an adequate polity for the dairy industry. The attendance of Margarita Zavala and Jaime Rodríguez is still pending confirmation.


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