Hot Air Balloon Festival in Teotihuacán

The festival will be held on December 8 from 6:00 to 19:15 hours at the El Horreo Ranch

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Teotihuacán
More than 50 hot air balloons will light up the scenery of the pre-Hispanic site - Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
English 07/12/2018 20:17 Susana Guzmán Mexico City Actualizada 20:22
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The second edition of the National Hot Air Balloon Festival in Teotihuacán will allow tourists to admire the archaeological site from above and enjoy a series of activities.

More than 50 hot air balloons will light up the scenery of this pre-Hispanic treasure. The festival will also feature music, food tastings, and fun!

The theme for the latest edition of the festival will be the four elements (earth, water, wind, and fire), which will be present during the festival activities.

The balloons will start floating up at between 7 and 8 AM so that people may enjoy the sunrise among numerous bright-colored balloons hovering above the pyramids.

Furthermore, the festival will feature concerts by Alejandro Marcovich, Love La Femme, and Julieta Soto. At night, there will be a pre-Hispanic show dedicated to the four elements.

During the event, organizers will attempt to assemble the largest poinsettia flower bed in the world (which visitors will be able to observe from a hot air balloon) and break the Guinness Record.

The festival will not only be filled with hot air balloons and concerts, there will also be modules where you will be able to put your skills to the test in archery, enjoy zip line activities, and participate in race tracks. You can also try out the food truck area with your family and friends.

The festival will take place this Saturday, December 8, at the El Horreo Ranch in San Juan Teotihuacán, from 6 AM to 19:15 PM. Ticket prices will range from 440 (general entry) to 605 pesos.


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