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The health benefits of tomato
The best way to eat tomato es raw – Photo: anna1311/EL GRÁFICO

The health benefits of tomato

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Lycopene is the substance responsible for many of the health benefits of tomato

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Tomato is a red fruit that can be used for salads or to create different soups as well as other meals.

This fruit is rich in a substance called lycopene which gives it important properties that are beneficial for our health. Here are the most relevant.

1. Vitamin C

Even though it is not citric, it concentrates a great amount of Vitamin C. A single portion of tomato covers 61% of the daily recommended intake, according to information of the Spanish Foundation for Nutrition. Remember that this vitamin helps prevent respiratory diseases, such as the flu.


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2. Anti-inflammatory

One of the main substances in tomato is lycopene, which has anti-inflammatory properties since it acts on the answer of cells to different inflammatory processes in the body, as says the study “Functional properties and health benefits of lycopene.”

3. Antioxidant

The same study mentions that lycopene is a very strong antioxidant that can neutralize the effects caused by radicals in the body. This improves the health of your skin.


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4. It prevents cardiovascular diseases

The intake of tomato can prevent the development of cardiovascular events such as acute myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular disease, according to a study of the Tarapacá University in Chile.

This benefit is due to its antiplatelet, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant effects, as well as protecting the endothelium.

5. Anticarcinogenic

Lycopene has also shown having positive effects against several kinds of cancer, such as breast, cervical, ovarian, lung, intestinal, oral, and prostate.

According to the previous study, this protection could be because of its antioxidant properties, of activation of apoptosis, of the decrease of cellular proliferation, and control of metastasis.


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6. Low in calories

Great part of the composition of tomato is water, so consuming it will supply very few calories to your diet, which can help you if you are looking to lose or maintain your weight.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the best way to eat tomato is raw because in that way its properties are best preserved.


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