The Guanajuato Mummies tour in Mexico

The mummies will begin their tour in the León’s State Fair in 2020

The Guanajuato Mummies tour in Mexico
The mummies will visiti several states in Mexico – Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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The Guanajuato mummies will be on a national tour in 2020 with the stories and legends that have made them famous in Mexico and the world.

In January, they will begin their tour in the León’s State Fair, to then visit Aguascalientes and Mexico City.

The municipal president Alejandro Navarro Saldaña pointed out that it is a special project that includes the selection of 12 mummies that will be part of the exhibition.

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“The project includes an exhibition of 12 mummified bodies that will be accompanied by documental information about the mummification process, in addition to the stories and legends around the Museum, one of the most visited in Mexico,” he explained.

This year, León’s Fair received over 6 million national and international visitors, reason why the presence of the mummies will surely be a success in its next edition.

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The project of bringing the mummies to the fair includes an analysis of the feasibility of charging an access fee to recover the investment implied by moving an exhibition of this nature and so being able to generate a fund destined to the preservation of the bodies.

During the last weekend, the Museum of the Guanajuato Mummies reached record figures in visitors with 16,500 visitors and the box office collected MXN $1.22 million, which are used to improve public services.

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