Giant Mexican doll 'Lele' travels to Spain

'Lele,' the artisanal doll from Amealco, will travel to four cities in three continents to promote the state of Querétaro

Giant Mexican doll 'Lele' travels to Spain and the UK
The origin of the Amealco doll dates back to the times of the Spanish Conquest in Mexico - Photo: Taken from Marco del Prete's official Twitter profile
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'Lele,' the artisanal doll from Amealco and ambassador to Querétaro throughout the world, has begun a tour through four cities in three continents. Its first stop will be Plaza de Oriente in Madrid, Spain.

The state minister of tourism Hugo Burgos García said in an interview that the tour of the iconic and colorful indigenous doll was of great relevance in terms of tourism promotion.

“What we want is to promote leadership in the aerospace, automotive, and technology industries, as well as sharing Querétaro’s cultural and natural richness,” said the statesman.

The traditional Amealco doll is part of the Mexican state of Querétaro’s cultural heritage and will now travel around the world to promote the state’s optimal conditions for tourism and investment.

Burgos García highlighted the importance of the artisanal piece whose origin dates back to the times of the Spanish Conquest in Mexico. The doll came into existence in a territory that covered Michoacán and the State of Mexico.

However, it was in Amealco, Querétaro that the tradition was adopted and became rooted in the region.

The statesman reminded that the indigenous doll would also be put on display at Potters Field Park in London on April 4. Then, it will be moved to Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai on April 9 and its last stop will be at Hickson Road Service in Sidney on April 14.


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