German authorities searched two properties owned by Marielle Eckes, Emilio Lozoya’s wife

Marielle Helene Eckes and Emilio Lozoya married in 2006

German authorities searched two properties owned by Marielle Eckes, Emilio Lozoya’s wife
German authorities first launched an investigation in 2019 - Photo: Marcial González/EL UNIVERSAL
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German authorities searched two luxurious properties located in Germany as part of an investigation against Emilio Lozoya Austin and Marielle Eckes for money laundering. 

German authorities searched an apartment in downtown Munich, as well as a home near Starnberg. The search took place on July 21.
A spokesperson for Munich prosecutor's office confirmed German authorities are investigating Lozoya and Eckes for money laundering

German authorities launched an investigation to determine if Eckes and Lozoya hid bribe money in Germany or if they at least channeled it through the European country.

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In Mexico, the Attorney General’s Office is investigating German-born Marielle Eckes for carrying out transactions using illegally-sourced funds and conspiracy. Meanwhile, the former Pemex chief faces bribery, money laundering, and conspiracy charges in connection with two major corruption cases: Odebrecht and Agronitrogenados

According to German media, Marielle Helene Eckes was no present when authorities searched her two properties. 

Marielle Eckes is wanted by Mexican authorities. 

German authorities investigate Emilio Lozoya and Marielle Helene Eckes

In July 2019, German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung; Tamedia, a Swiss media company, and Mexican media outlet 5° Elemento Lab, reported Emilio Lozoya was in Germany.

The report indicated that Münich authorities confirmed that they had launched an investigation against Lozoya and Marielle Helene Eckes. German authorities were trying to find out if the couple laundered money through several German companies.

Back then, insiders confirmed that Mexican officials asked the German Criminal Police (BKA) for information about Lozoya, contained in the millions of documents from the Mossack Fonseca law firm being guarded by German authorities, linked to the Panama Papers, a case Lozoya was also linked to.

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Authorities investigate a company owned by Marielle Helene Eckes 

Marielle Helene Eckes, who is married to Emilio Lozoya, associated with a lawyer who works for Altos Hornos de México (AHMSA) to create a company that was allegedly investigated for money laundering and bribery.

According to the information published by NGO Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity, the Attorney General's Office found several links between Emilio Lozoya's family and operators from Altos Hornos de México.
According to the NGO, the relationship between Emilio Lozoya's family and AHMSA is quite close because a “lawyer who works for Altos Hornos de México partnered with the wife of the former Pemex director in a real estate company that is being investigated by authorities."
“According to the investigations, the wife of the former Pemex director associated with a lawyer that has worked for AHMSA and together they created a company named Yacani, whose bank accounts were intervened for suspicions of money laundering and fraud.”

Yacani was founded on November 25, 2014, by Marielle Helene Eckes, Lozoya's wife as a Mexican company with foreign investment from Germany, where she is from. The company provides real estate services and rentals.
“The investigations suggest that Yacani transferred resources from an alleged unlawful origin and therefore, authorities ordered to block bank accounts owned by the company and Lozoya's wife.”

Tannia Beatriz López Abud, the partner and the legal representative of Yacani, has worked as a lawyer at AHMSA, according to documents.


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