22 | JUL | 2019
Former UNAM dean wants to lead the PRI
Former UNAM dean, José Narro - Photo: Luis Cortés/EL UNIVERSAL

Former UNAM dean wants to lead the PRI

Mexico City
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Former UNAM dean wants to lead the PRI

There could be 4 contenders to lead to the PRI. Besides the three names that have been mentioned before, the name of the former Durango Governor and former Senator, Ismael Hernández Deras, could be added to the list. Ismael Hernández, the current president of the National Farmers Confederation (CNC), will compete against the former UNAM dean, José Narro; the former Yucatán Governor, Ivonne Ortega, and the Campeche Governor, Alejandro Moreno. We've been told that Hernández Deras has the CNC on his side, an organization that operates in every state and municipality in the country. We've been told that whether or not he wins the internal election, he will carry out a titanic task and refund the party.

A new minor party?

In the past, the PT, PVEM, and even the PANAL were regarded as “satellite parties” and these always denied it. Now there will be a “Front for the Fourth Transformation” that doesn't get tired of sating that “it's an honor to be by Obrador's side” and that it's committed to supporting President Andrés Manuel López Obrador but it didn't Morena and it will look to become a political party. Its promoter, Elías Miguel Moreno Brizuela, a former lawmaker and the former head of Public Safety in Mexico City, who didn't benefit from the 4th Transformation and who will fight, along with other 55 organizations, for their registration before the INE. Is a new satellite on the horizon?

Recognizing the labor of a Supreme Court minister

It's quite interesting that the National Association of Corporate Lawyers (ANADE) in Nuevo León, acknowledged the work carried out by the Supreme Court minister, Alberto Pérez Dayán, after his decision to stop the Remunerations Law. The comment was made during an event to mark the renovation of the local leadership of the Association, with Tatiana Clouthier, Morena, in attendance.

Mexico's new digital party

The Electoral Institute has approved the process for the creation of the new Digital Party in Mexico. They claim that this initiative will look to push for a more participative and inclusive society. We've been told that the creation of this political force is promoted by a group of activists led by Ricardo Fernández Audiffred and Amado Avendaño Villafuerte. They claim that they are looking to open a direct political participation channel in regards to all the issues in the national agenda: public security, human and social rights, access to healthcare, social security, culture, gender issues, environment, development opportunities, and of course, digital rights. We will see if this becomes a reality.


Will the PRI and Morena join forces?

Off the Record features fact-checked news written by journalists and contributors to EL UNIVERSAL
Will the PRI and Morena join forces?Will the PRI and Morena join forces?



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