Former Teacher's Union boss granted house arrest

Authorities have stated they will keep her under strict surveillance and that her passport and visas will be removed to prevent her from fleeing the country

Elba Esther Gordillo - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
English 18/12/2017 15:06 Manuel Espino Bucio Mexico City Actualizada 15:14
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The Mexican Office of the Attorney General (PGR) informed yesterday that Elba Esther Gordillo, 72, is kept under constant surveillance at her Polanco apartment now that a Federal Court has allowed her to remain under house arrest.

The Office of the Attorney General, led by Alberto Elías Beltrán, stated this new development shall not affect the legal proceeding against The Teacher for the counts of organized crime and money laundering.

The former leader of Mexico's National Teachers Union (SNTE) is to wear an electronic bracelet at all times and has a strict visitor control, restricted to direct family members and attorneys only. She will also have her passport and visas removed to prevent her from fleeing the country.

Gordillo had been previously denied her request to be put under house arrest request as she was considered a flight risk despite her medical conditions and her advanced age.

The Teacher, through her attorney Marco Antonio del Toro, filed an appeal before a Single Judge Federal Court which resolved to grant her petition last Friday.

This resolution came shortly after the announcement of the electoral alliance between the center-right New Alliance Party (PANAL) – a political party Gordillo founded – and the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

However, Mr. Del Toro claimed those who link the resolution of the Federal Court with the electoral coalition are “attempting to find a bias to create mistaken perceptions which only encourage mistrust in the Justice institutions, complicating the consolidation of the rule of law.”

Elba Esther Gordillo was arrested in 2013 by the Federal Police at the Airport of Toluca for tax evasion, embezzlement, money laundering and organized crime.

In November 2016, a Federal Judge acquitted Gordillo of the charge of tax evasion.


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