Ford to produce face shields for the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico

Ford will produce the personal protective equipment at its Chihuahua plant

Ford to produce face shields for the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico
Ford will distribute the face shields throughout Mexico - Photo:
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A few days after Mexico announced it was entering Phase 3 of its contingency plan against COVID-19, Ford announced that it will transform its production line at its Chihuahua plant to produce 100,000 face shields that will be donated to healthcare workers throughout the country.

This personal protective equipment will be destined for doctors who work directly with patients with coronavirus to protect them from infections.

In an interview, Lucien Pinto, sales and marketing director at Ford Mexico, told EL UNIVERSAL that the production of this important equipment will begin next week.

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Likewise, he said that Ford initially plans to produce 100,000 units but it can make more if they are requested by a health institution.

Pinto stressed that this is one of the actions Ford has undertaken to counteract the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico. In addition to being flexible with car credit payments, the company has performed several philanthropic actions.

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He added that the American brand could possibly return to its usual operations in Mexico by the first week of May, although there is not a set date yet.

However, he said that all its plans will be defined by the development of the pandemic and according to the instructions of federal authorities to return to normal activities in Mexico.

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