Is fentanyl behind the LeBarón massacre?

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Is fentanyl behind the LeBarón massacre?
Northern Mexico has been besieged by crime after drug trafficking to the U.S. increased - Photo: Sue Ogrocki/AP
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Is fentanyl behind the LeBarón massacre?

We've been told the Mormon community that inhabits the border between Sonora and Chihuahua was in the middle of a bloody battle between La Línea cartel and Los Salazar cartel and that the war between them has worsened after the boom generated by fentanyl trafficking to the U.S. Former security officials who worked for the previous administration explain that the real issue in northern Mexico is the dispute to control the border with Arizona to traffic opioids. The Attorney General's Office has named the Sonora-Arizona border as one of the 13 fentanyl trafficking routes to the U.S. So it seems like the LeBarón family was the victim of the opioid crisis in the U.S., the arms trafficked from the U.S. to Mexico, and as well as the lack of control Mexican authorities have of its territory. These are the three reasons behind the murder of the LeBarón family and thousands of Mexicans and U.S. citizens.

Mormon family ambushed and massacred in Mexico

The opposition vs Morena

On Thursday in the Senate, the opposition is getting ready to fight the current administration. We've been told that when Morena tries to appoint Rosario Piedra Ibarra as the new head of the CNDH, they will ban her. This time, the opposition has enough votes and say that the President's favoritism towards Rosario Piedra is evident and considers that the new ombudsperson shouldn't have ties to a party. Although the opposition is confident, there are not 100% sure Piedra Ibarra won't be appointed to the CNDH. We've been told that the current administration is not weak and that several opposition members have dark pasts so with a little pressure, they might change their minds and vote for Rosario Piedra.

Women take over the Supreme Court and the CNDH

Javier Coello Trejo has a lot of work to do

Some of Javier Coello Trejo's colleagues were surprised by the cases the lawyer accepts, as other law firms turn them down to protect their reputation or simply because they are lost causes. In recent years, Javier Coello has worked for the owner of the Rébsamen school and Emilio Lozoya. Coello Trejo, who was the Assistant Attorney General during Carlos Salinas' administration, uses scandals as part of his legal strategies and feeds the media with half-truths to promote his clients' cases. We've been told that Coello's cases have something in common: hundreds of millions behind the accusations for alleged corruption acts. Now, we've been told that Coello that he will have to dedicate time defend his son, Javier Coello Zuarth after the FGR issued an arrest warrant against him as he allegedly fabricated evidence and planted evidence to obtain legal benefits.

Odebrecht: Emilio Lozoya's mother will be prosecuted

Sheinbaum, the next President?

The former Ecuador President, Rafael Correa has said that Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum will be the next Mexican President. Correra gave a talk in a museum in the city. The former President, who is looking to return to power in Ecuador, thanked Sheinbaum for welcoming him and said: “Thanks Claudia, I think she is the future Mexican President.”

Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico City's female mayor


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