FCE presents exhibition about Jalisco

Mexico's publishing house will present "Guadalajara, the Soul of Mexico" at its cultural center in Colombia

FCE presents exhibition about Jalisco in Colombia
Guadalajara’s gastronomy stands out for its famous "torta ahogada" (drowned sandwich) and the birria as well as other typical dishes - Photo: Taken from FCE Colombia's official Facebook page
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The photography exhibition "Guadalajara, the soul of Mexico," is being presented at the Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Center in Bogotá, and is one of the main attractions at the Visiones de México (Visions of Mexico) Festival in Colombia, for which the state of Jalisco will be the guest of honor.

The photographs, which the public can appreciate in the central patio, terraces, and corridors of the Cultural Center, illustrate the five reasons why Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco, is the soul of Mexico.

One of them is the charrería, "a national sport of equestrian and cowboy skills, typical of the 'Mexican charro'."

Tequila, its regional drink, is the soul of the country and will also be present in the photographic exhibition to be held in the framework of Festival Visiones de México in Colombia, which will take place during September at the headquarters of the FCE library subsidiary in Colombia.

The mariachi, the sonorous pulse of Mexico, is the music with which most of the emotional repertoire of the Mexican people’s life is manifested and a way of understanding the culture of Guadalajara.

Guadalajara’s gastronomy stands out for its famous "torta ahogada" (drowned sandwich) and the birria as well as other typical dishes such as pozole, tamales, tostadas, sopes, gorditas, enchiladas, tacos, capirotada, and the traditional pollo a la valentina.

Jalisco is one of the most artistic states of the American continent and the national leader in production of handicrafts; contributing with 10% of Mexico’s artisanal exports.

"Guadalajara, the soul of Mexico" is one of the four exhibitions that are open to the Colombian public in different spaces of the Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Center in Bogota.

The first exhibition is "Das Kapital," by Jorge Mendez Blake, an artist whose plastic interest revolves around literature and architecture. These disciplines materialize in an imposing physical experience.

Another exhibition is "Jalisco in the sights of its photographers," the pride of this entity can be found in every corner: In the streets of the metropolis, in the rural traditions, the mountain landscapes, the architecture, and a rich cultural heritage.

Finally, the "Emotional Poetry" exhibition is a tribute to Luis Barragán. Beauty, silence, solitude, serenity, joy, death, and nostalgia are elements that make up the emotional architectural poetry of Barragán.


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