Everyone betrayed Fernández Noroña

The political operation that allowed Dulce María Sauri to take over the lower chamber originated at the Interior Ministry when Olga Sánchez Cordero met with Mario Delgado and René Juárez on Tuesday. Moreover, the PT also negotiated. Sources said PT leader Alberto Anaya agreed to give up the presidency and betray Gerardo Fernández Noroña and Reginaldo Sandoval, in exchange for his wife, Guadalupe Rodríguez, to be appointed as the head of the Nuevo León Congress. Guadalupe Rodríguez suddenly became the head of the local Congress on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Noroña said there was an obscure operation to impose Sauri. What Fernández Noroña didn’t know is that the operation included the PT’s national leader.

Did the PT give $5 million to lawmakers?

Some are wondering what is the PT going to do with the lawmakers it recently welcomed into the party, to try and become the third-largest political party and lead the lower chamber. Rumor has it some lawmakers received MXN 5 million to join the PT. Will they stay at the political party or will they return to their old parties?

Toledo vs. glyphosate

Insiders revealed Bosco de la Vega, the head of the National Agriculture Council, wasn’t happy with what Víctor Manuel Toledo had to say when he quit the Semarnat . Toledo revealed President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will issue a decree to gradually ban the use of glyphosate . Sources said De La Vega celebrated the fact the Toledo was leaving the Environment Ministry and said glyphosate was an important element for agriculture, he emphasized that it would be a mistake to ban it. A day later, he found out the substance is to be banned.

Mario Delgado wants to lead Morena

Now that the PRI is leading the lower chamber and the proposal to strip the President of political immunity was approved by lawmakers, Mario Delgado is ready to contend to lead the ruling party. Sources said Delgado does not expect an easy process, especially because several groups inside Morena want to block him and prevent him from becoming the national party leader. Nevertheless, Delgado has important allies who support him.


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