13 | OCT | 2019
Emilio Lozoya, banned from the government?
Emilio Lozoya, the former Pemex chief - Photo: Leo Morales/EL UNIVERSAL

Emilio Lozoya, banned from the government?

Mexico City
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Emilio Lozoya, banned from the government?

Yesterday we revealed that Emilio Lozoya Austin, the former Pemex director, was one of two former officials who were banned from working on the government by the new administration. With the news, two hypotheses began circulating the political circles. Firstly, this is a call for attention for the Lozoya for the Odebrecht case, a corruption case that's being investigated by the Attorney General, and which had been unpunished until now. Then, coincidences don't exist in the political arena, don't forget that the former Attorney General, Raúl Cervantes, who investigated the Odebrecht case visited the President's headquarters this week. Secondly, this might be some sort of presidential pardon form the current administration, with a punishment that consists of being banned from working in the government for 10 years, for providing false information in his asset declaration. Do you think Lozoya Austin needs a government job? And is this punishment a call for attention or is the new government forgiving his sins? We will see.

Germán Martínez returns to the Senate

We've been told that President López Obrador organized an emergency meeting with the Health cabinet. During the meeting, he presented Zoé Robledo as the head of the IMSS, but the President is also pressuring the team to purchase medicines and implement the free supply throughout the country. We've been told that with this strategy, the President is looking to calm things down after Germán Martínez quit the IMSS and to prevent any more resignations. Is anyone else planning to leave the administration?

Morena welcomes Germán Martínez

Germán Martínez's resignation was a surprise but his return to the Senate wasn't. Although some Morena members opposed his return, as soon as they realized the party can't lose any votes in the Senate. So the former IMSS director was welcomed back by Ricardo Monreal and Martí Batres. Morena's president, Yeidckol Polevnsky, sent a clear message, stating that Martínez is not the opposition, but rather a member of the team. Now we will see if this warm welcome will change Martínez's opinion, who accused the Finance Minister of implementing neoliberal policies. We are also wondering if he will use his position as Senator to defend the IMSS and demand humane treatment for its beneficiaries.

Two essential bills to be approved today

The lower chamber will have its second extraordinary period to approve the two constitutional reforms for gender equality and the four secondary laws of the National Guard. We've been told that this will be a long session but it is expected that both issues will be solved now. We've been told the bills won't be modified.


Mexico to launch criminal probe into Odebrecht

Mexican state-owned entities have been banned from doing business with Odebrecht for three years
Mexico to launch criminal probe into OdebrechtMexico to launch criminal probe into Odebrecht


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