Economic stagnation in Mexico

Mexico urgently needs to boost the job market

Economic stagnation in Mexico
New generations are facing a grim economic panorama – Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Every day, Mexico faces a huge challenge: providing job opportunities for the thousands of students who have finished their studies and who are joining the job market, nevertheless, there has been a deficit in the creation of jobs in the country for years, since the number of positions available is never enough. This situation has sparked many of the problems the country is facing, such as informality, precarious working conditions, and youth joining criminal activities.

Until now the panorama hasn't changed, it could even be argued that it is worsening. According to the numbers released by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), during the first seven months of 2019, it registered 15,503 new employers, 23.6% less than the number of new employers registered during the same period in 2018; it is also the lowest number registered in the last five years.

There could be two reasons behind this, both are negative. The first could be that it is a normal consequence of the economic stagnation registered in Mexico. The second could be that business owners are intentionally avoiding their responsibilities and not providing social security to their employees.

Either way, the importance of economic growth becomes evident. For example, the states that usually show an economic growth above the national average are the ones that registered the highest number of new employers; Jalisco registered 16% of the total with 2,463 new employers.

This is the right time for federal authorities to adopt measures to boost growth, nevertheless, experts have identified the main obstacles, including the government's austerity policies and the increase in crime rates.

On the other hand, let's not forget that in the economy, it is enough to modify a variable to change the rhythm. There is more than one factor behind the crestfallen economic performance in Mexico. If there isn't a favorable climate for the creation of companies, very few people will risk their investments to create new jobs. Moreover, Mexico still has time to prevent a further downturn in the job market, especially because of the consequences it would have on the well-being of millions of families and the social deterioration it would cause.

By itself, economic dynamism would mitigate the other problems present in the country, nevertheless, it is impossible to ask for better economic performance if the government doesn't eliminate the obstacles limiting the economy.


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