Deputies might miss out on Christmas

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Deputies might miss out on Christmas
The opposition protested against the 2019 Budget - Photo: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Deputies might miss out on Christmas

Morena members in Congress are taking things easy and they aren't alarmed but they are worried because the 2019 Budget hasn't been approved after the protests in San Lázaro and the opposition to the cuts in different areas. But we've been told that they are analyzing alternative venues in case the lawmakers can't carry out their session on Sunday after the Antorcha Campesina group announced blockades. We've been told they have at least three options where they can approve President Andrés Manuel López Obrador's budget proposal. They said it would be ideal to approve the bill this Sunday so that deputies are free for Christmas and New Year's Eve because the scenario would be complicated is they had to return to work during the last week of 2018. We'll see.

The new minister's strategy

We've been told that before being appointed as the new Supreme Court minister, Juan Luis González Alcántara Carrancá visited each Senator to introduce himself and talk to them about his interest on becoming the successor of José Ramón Cossío. We've been told that by visiting each Senator, despite their party, he confirmed his autonomy and independence in his new position, even when President López Obrador appointed him.

PAN Governors are invisible

We've been told that PAN Governors are asking themselves if abandoning Ricardo Anaya's candidacy was the best idea, now that the budget cuts promoted by President López Obrador are beginning to appear. But what they regret the most is the lack of communication with the Finance Secretary, Carlos Urzúa, who has never met with them. We've been told that besides Diego Sinhúe, from Guanajuato, and Mauricio Vil, from Yucatán, the PAN Governors haven't found a way to be heard despite expressing their support to the new administration days before the July election.

AMLO has a gift for reporters

And talking about Christmas parties, we've been told that the one who will take a break and a few days off is President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He will miss his traditional morning press conference, for the first time, on December 25. This news, which was announced by the President itself, made some journalists clap. They're happy they won't have to get up early to go to Palacio Nacional for the President's conference on Christmas Eve.


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