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Daycares fight back
Months ago, the President announced daycares would no longer receive public resources – Photo: Alejandro Bringas /EL UNIVERSAL

Daycares fight back

Mexico City
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Daycares fight back

On Friday, we revealed that a federal judge in Chihuahua gave the Welfare Ministry 24 hours to grant financial resources to a daycare that demanded this, as part of an amparo lawsuit. Yesterday, PRI senator Manuel Añorve revealed that another judge ruled in favor of five daycares in Guerrero, who will now have to receive the financial resources previously canceled by President López Obrador. We've been told that everything indicates that there will be a lot of favorable verdicts for the daycares. How will the President react?

What about domestic violence shelters?

We've been told that some organizations are confused and don't understand the criteria to receive financial resources from the federal government. On one hand, it was announced that the shelters for domestic violence victims will receive resources to operate in 2019 but in recent days, President López Obrador claimed that NGOs will no longer receive public resources for alleged corruption acts. We've been told that this situation has confused activists and organizations, whose future is at risk if they don't receive public resources.

AMLO to spill the beans

We've been told that on Monday, President López Obrador plans to reveal which companies benefited from tax waivers during past administrations, as well as the amounts. We've been told that the President ordered an investigation to know which ones were the companies favored by the governments of Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderón, and Enrique Peña Nieto.

Environmental issues

In the last weeks, the Environment and Natural Resources Ministry (Semarnat) has had to solve two crisis. First, the sargassum in the coasts of Quintana Roo and this week, the presence of PM 2.5 particles, as well as ozone, the pollutants responsible for the gray haze that loomed over Mexico City for days. We've been told that the performance of the head of the Semarnat, Josefa González Blanco, has been severely criticized by civil society organizations for her late involvement in both issues and also for appointing, five months after taking over the Semarnat, the executive coordinator for the Environment Commission of the Megalopolis (CAMe). Some lament that these cases show that environmental issues aren't a priority for this administration.


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