Criminals steal gold-silver bars from Mexican mine

Criminals steal gold-silver bars from Mexican mine
The armed group simultaneously arrived by air and land – Photo: File photo/AP

Criminals steal gold-silver bars from Mexican mine

Mexico City
Amalia Escobar
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An armed group stormed the Mulatos mine located in Mexico's northern state of Sonora

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An armed group that simultaneously arrived by land and air subdued personnel from Mina de Oro Nacional, a mine known as Mulatos, which is located in the municipality of Sahuaripa, Sonora, and took a load of gold and silver alloy bars in a light aircraft.

The Minas de Oro Nacional Company, a subsidiary of the Canadian firm Alamos Gold Inc., informed that the events took place at 7:50 on April 8, when a group of five heavily armed people subdued the security staff who were loading the bars to a light aircraft hired by the security company.

“They subtracted a number of said bars which are insured according to the company’s security protocols; luckily, there are no injured people after these unfortunate events,” said the company.

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The robbery took place at the landing strip of the company, which is located inside the Mulatos mine facilities, where an armed group arrived with the objective of stealing the product. Almost at the same time, a plane, apparently a Cessna 206, landed and was loaded with the bars and immediately flew away while security staff was subdued.

The robbery was carried out in less than 10 minutes and ended with the aircraft taking off and the armed group fleeing.

The company’s security and emergency protocols were activated right away, warning all the corresponding authorities who immediately began the investigation by coordinating search efforts, both for the plane in different clandestine landing strips and the armed group in the Mulatos mine nearby area.

Mina de Oro Nacional informed that it will work with authorities in the investigation in order to locate and punish the people responsible for this crime according to the law.

Sahuaripa is located in the Sierra Madre Occidental. It shares a border with Chihuahua and is 220 km away from Hermosillo, Sonora.

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Other gold and silver robberies
Last March 23, Grupo Fresnillo PLC announced that two vehicles from the Sepsa company that were carrying assets from the Penmont gold mine were robbed by an armed group moving in several vehicles in the road that connects the mine with the Number 2 Federal highway that goes from Caborca to Sonoyta. The criminals stole gold and silver alloy bars.

In November 2019, armed men stole a security van of the SVD company that transported 47 gold bars property of the mining company Noche Buena, an affiliate of the Fresnillo PLC consortium, worth over MXN $500 million.

According to the official investigation, the events took place on November 8 at 21:00 at the Carboarca-Sonoyta section of the National Highway.

On August 11, 2015, an armed group on three vehicles robbed the Penmont mining company at its La Herradura and Nochebuena extraction projects of the Caborca municipality in a truck with 4 kg of gold and 100 ounces of silver worth over MXN $4.3 million.

That robbery took place at 11:00 when a truck driver was removed from the vehicle he was driving in a road at the Juan Álvarez common land, which borders the Penmont mining company.

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