The Court wants nothing to do with Puebla

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The Court wants nothing to do with Puebla
Mexico's Supreme Court - Photo: Iván Stephens/EL UNIVERSAL
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The Court wants nothing to do with Puebla

Yesterday, the Supreme Court, led by minister Luis María Aguilar Morales, denied any intervention in the case of the Puebla election, after the Electoral Tribunal approved the legitimacy of the election on Saturday night, We've been told that the fact that the Court distances itself called a lot of attention, and they explain that members from both tribunals heard that someone was writing an article that allegedly described meetings between ministers and members from certain political parties to put pressure on the tribunal. They claim that said information is false, so we will have to keep our eyes open to such an article and see if it provides proof.

Bad blood between magistrates

For some months, there has been a tense environment stirred by the public claims between magistrates from the Electoral Tribunal, but the voting in regards to the Puebla election showed that there are irreconcilable differences, and not just because the different criteria to interpret the law. An example is what the magistrate José Luis Vargas said, who proposed the annulment of the Puebla election and lost the voting. José Luis Vargas claims that the decision wasn't made by the magistrates only, but rather in an external way, as the ministers are led by the lobbying that exists to influence the voting. A harsh critique for his colleagues.

Judges' unparalleled protest

And now that we're talking about the Judicial branch, in an unparalleled event, the federal judges and magistrates in Mexico City will protest and will reveal a message. The call takes place between a clash between the Judicial branch, the Executive branch, and Morena's representation in the Legislative branch because of the application of the Federal Remunerations Law. This along with the verdict from the Electoral Tribunal in regards to the Puebla election, where Martha Érika Alonso was declared as Governor. The verdict was discredited by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who considers it as “anti-democratic”, although he said he would respect the decision. A war between powers.

NGO vs. the National Guard

We've been told that Amnesty International is wary about the new government's security project, especially the National Guard, as it considers that it represents a continuation with the militarization of public security that took place during the last two presidencies. Tania Reneaum, executive director of Amnesty International has said that this measure means “perpetuating a failed model” and published an image on Twitter, where President López Obrador is running, and about to stumble with military headgear, and Felipe Calderón and Enrique Peña Nieto lying down in front of it.


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