Although movie theaters are closed, Mexicans will be able to watch for free a series of international films thanks to Daimon , an international film festival on streaming that debuts this week.

The most recent film by the Argentine director Santiago Loza “ Brief Story from the Green Planet ”, will open DAIMON: International Film Exhibition on Streaming , that will be available for free from April 6 to 28 in the platform of the Mexican Cinematography Institute.

The festival features productions from Argentina, the U.S., Thailand, Colombia, France, Canada, Camboya, Bolivia, Spain, Turkey, and Mexico .


“Brief History from the Green Planet” won a Teddy Award for the best LGBTQ+ film at the Berlinale 2019 . It tells the story of Tania, a trans woman who discovers her grandmother has spent her last years in the company of an alien and embarks on a rural journey with two friends to return the creature to its origin.

The schedule includes premieres for Mexico such as “Last Night I Saw You Smiling” by Kavich Neang, “The World is Full of Secrets” by Graham Swon, and “I Love You So Much That I Just Don’t Know” by Lautaro García.


Canadian filmmaker Sofía Bohdanowicz presents her documentary “Maison du Bonheur,” along with her three most recent shorts: “A Drownful Brilliance of Wings,” “Veslemøy's Song,” and “The Soft Space.”

All films of the Daimon exhibition will be free for five days via FilminLatino.

On a daily basis, the platform offers films that can be watched for free . New users can have full access by simply creating a free profile .



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